Tymeline revolutionizes project management with its advanced features. Our AI engine seamlessly integrates historical and real-time data to automate goal setting and performance adjustments, ensuring optimal team alignment and efficiency. With real-time progress tracking, advanced dependency and tradeoff analysis, and comprehensive resource allocation metrics, project managers can make informed decisions and proactively address potential issues. Tymeline's blockchain technology guarantees data security and transparency, while its seamless integration with over 200 systems enhances workflow and collaboration, driving project success.

AI Engine

Elevate Project Management with AI

Tymeline's AI engine is at the heart of our innovative approach to project management. It analyzes vast amounts of historical and real-time data to understand team dynamics and performance trends. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the AI engine generates personalized goal roadmaps and adjusts them dynamically based on ongoing performance metrics. This continuous analysis ensures that goals remain relevant and challenging, aligning individual capabilities with project objectives.

The AI engine also provides predictive insights, helping project managers anticipate potential issues and make informed decisions to keep projects on track and within budget.

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Authentic Analytics

The AI engine analyzes verified team members' historical professional data, providing accurate and actionable insights.

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Goals & Roadmaps

The AI engine comprehends goals and crafts success roadmaps tailored to each team member's strengths and weaknesses, ensuring all requirements for goal completion are met.

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Tracking & Adjustment

The AI engine continuously monitors progress and makes real-time adjustments to milestones, ensuring alignment with team performance and project objectives.

Verified Data

Immutable and Portable Verified Data

Team members verify their historical professional data, which then is encrypted and permanently stored on a public blockchain infrastructure, ensuring its security and immutability. By connecting their Tymeline ID to the Tymeline AI engine, all records can be accessed to create a detailed map of their strengths and weaknesses. Every progress and performance record is added to their Tymeline ID, building a comprehensive, verified profile.

Team members can easily disconnect their Tymeline ID from one dashboard and connect it to another, whether within different teams or entirely new organizations. Their data is completely moved, remains intact and can be accessed instantly, providing a seamless and continuous record of their professional development.

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Verifying the Past

Historical data is authenticated, encrypted, and stored securely on the blockchain.

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Tracking the Present

Real-time progress and performance are continuously monitored and updated.

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Predicting the Future

Forecasts outcomes and trends to guide future planning and decision-making

Employee performance mangement and review softwere

Native integrations with all your favorite PM tools

Tymeline seamlessly integrates with all your current PM tools, creating a unified and efficient workflow. Whether you use project management software like Jira or Asana, communication platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, or learning and development resources like LinkedIn Learning and Udemy Business, Tymeline can connect effortlessly with over 200 systems. This integration ensures a consistent flow of data, enhancing collaboration and productivity by eliminating silos and streamlining processes. With native integrations, you can leverage the full power of Tymeline without disrupting your existing toolset, making it easier to manage projects, track performance, and achieve your goals.

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Tool Integration

Seamlessly connects with over 200 popular PM tools to streamline workflows.

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Data Consolidation

Centralizes data from all integrated tools for a comprehensive view.

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Team Collaboration

Enhances teamwork by integrating communication and project management platforms.

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